Friday, January 3, 2014

Dora Dress-up Games

No more chic and hot girls for us young ones. Surely we can’t relate to heels and make up yet. We even wonder as to why sisters and aunts and moms wear make-up and heels that hurt, right? So why not stick to Dora- like looks. That is so us, anyway. Let us all play Dora dress-up game and see our very own wardrobe in hers. We bet, most of we see in her wardrobe are the same tops and skirts that we have. 

Well, that is true. Why insist and persist on playing the sophisticated Barbie or the hot chic Bratz dress-up games when us baby girls are still too cuties for that. Dora is just perfect for us. We learn so much values of helping and generosity and add courage as well from this explorer girl.  But more than that, her wardrobe is just right for us. She wears shorts and pumps and baby tees with cute prints. Or you see her in lovely dresses. And oh, her footwear collections are just beautiful from boots to sneakers and slippers. But of course we do not speak here of costumes because as we know Dora the Explorer also wears cat suits, witch suits, space suits, and what else?  There are also castle gowns complete with queen’s cape and tiara. Sometimes, we see her camouflaging in the jungle so she has another get-up with that. So obviously, chance is less that we open our cabinet to see these in our wardrobe. We only speak here of typical casual attire that girls wear.

Dora dress-up game is more fun to play with if we speak of the usual attire that children wear. And most especially our moms will feel at ease that we are not exposing ourselves too much to girlhood when in fact, we can just be as innocent as ever. Lovely girls but they are too lovely for us kids!  We just want cutie innocent and fun Dora the Explorer. She has this dress with ribbons and ruffles and some laces together. Most of the time, her clothes are not for slender body but for plump kids. How can that be so cute! She is just so huggable on TV and online. I love Dora!