Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Indulge on a Fashion Game Playing Spree!

If you like fashion but you are still too young to go on a shopping spree, then here’s a good alternative for you: fashion design games.

Fashion design games are the latest trend in free flash gaming. Bratz, Barbie and other popular characters can be dressed up (or dressed down) at your very whim. It’s as easy as surfing the web. Nothing can be more exciting than changing clothes, trying out new accessories, and colouring nails and hair of those lovely characters.

Bratz are the funky young dolls that go very well with jeans and lip gloss – or am I wrong? Why don’t you find out for yourself? The Bratz Model Makeover game makes it easier for you to put your creativity and love for fashion on the move. These bratz girls are just waiting for you. Play on the clothes they are wearing, change their outfit and see what works best for whom. If you love fashion and you love bratz, then this the game for you!


Dress up the Winx girls with this Winx Doll Dress up Game. The game allows you to customize the getup of this voluptuous model. Change her bag and accessories. Put a shade on her eyes. You can also check out the flower ribbon that goes well on the green velvet dress. This model is so hot we think she can be a star – that is if you can dress her right.


Do you like to party? Or at least do you like to dress up for a night out? Then you can practice your fashion skills in this exciting Bratz game, the Bratz Diamondz Big Night Out! Play as the Bratz girl who’s going out for an exciting party; prepare her by choosing the right accessories, bags, shoes, dress and make up!

What’s best about this party game is that there is no curfew to catch up, just plains scores!